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Giclee Print Collection

My Giclee Prints are reproduced from my original oil paintings, through Origin Publishing in Brisbane.  I have put them into 4 category types to make searching easier.  The first 3 are all available on canvas and the fourth gallery is mixed images available on paper.

To purchase one of my prints at wholesale prices, contact me direct.
Pilbara Wildflowers
Noosa Sunrise
A Spring Afternoon in Tasmania
Fishing Mates at Misson Beach

My prints are available at wholesale prices, directly through me.  Origin Publishing in Brisbane prints every print as required, so allow a 10-14 day order process (during normal times). 

My Limited Editions Prints come in varying edition sizes, with some as small as 11 only printed, and others as large as 250.  Some of my editions have 2 or 3 sizes available within the edition size, or they are available on canvas or paper.  This can help if you love an image and need it to fit a particular wall. On certain images, I can have a special size printed, but only up to the size of the original painting.  Each print is Hand-Signed and Numbered as part of the edition, regardless of size or printed medium.  A Certificate of Authenticity is provided with Limited Edition Prints.
Canvas Prints will be mailed via Registered Post in a mailing tube, Postage and Handling for Australian Residents is $22. Paper Prints will be posted flat and the price includes Postage and Handling. Outside of Australia,​ P&H costs will be added depending on location.
For longevity of your print, gluing it to a board is not ideal, stretching is recommended in canvas prints.  I also hand-sign each print on the back of the canvas, along with the edition number, so if you were to do this you would be covering over this.

When your canvas print is mailed to​ you, you will notice an extra 4.5cm repeat edge around your image (as in Image 1). So the printed area is larger than your print size. This is so you can have your print stretched over a stretcher bar and have a Finished Edge, without loosing any of the original image (see Image 2). This allows for you to then hang the print with out the need for further framing. Stretcher bars come in varying thicknesses, depending on your hanging or framing preference. Of course you can add either a modern float frame or a more traditional frame if you wish, to suit your taste and decor
This is part of a giclee print on canvas showing the repeat edge before stretching ready to hang
Image 1.
this is the same print now stretched ready to hang, showing how the repeat line finishes the edge around the stretcher bar, eliminating the need for further framing
Image 2.
Paper Prints will require to ​be fram​ed under glass. Paper prints have been designed to fit standard pre-made frames available from most major retailers eg Harvey Norman, K-Mart, Spotlight, Ikea etc.
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