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Australian Landsape Artist

Stretching Your Giclee Print

This is to show you what a Giclee Print will look like when sent to you and how it looks with the extra area printed to finish the edges of the stretcher bar. IMAGE 1 :- This image is how your print will look before stretching, so you don't loose any image of my painting . Every print has this edge, which is extra to the quoted size. Usually 4.5cm in width to all 4 edges (smaller prints often have only 3cm and larger prints up to 5cm). This extra area is just the previous 4.5cm is repeated and reversed. IMAGE 2 :- This shows how once your print is stretched the extra printed area wraps around the edge of the stretcher bar to give your print a finished edge with out the extra cost of framing. Of course you can framed your print with either a float or shadow box frame or a traditional style frame with a slip and an outer, to suit your taste and decor
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